Debi Ulmer Joins the Acadian Team

Debi Ulmer Joins the Acadian Team

Acadian Monitoring Services is pleased to announce the employment of Debi Ulmer as our National Sales Representative. In addition to her sales role, she will monitor industry affairs, and interact with consumer and governing agencies in regards to the business activities and ethical conduct of alarm companies within the State of Texas.  She fosters and promotes strong dealer relationships with law enforcement and compliance regulators.

Debi currently holds a board member commission with the Texas Department of Public Safety and represents the alarm industry. She is also the past president of the Houston Gulf Coast Alarm Association, having held that position for 7 years.  She has been active on the HGCAA board since 1999, and has served as Secretary, Treasurer and Membership Director for the organization.  Debbra has also served as Corporate Secretary on the Board of the Texas Burglar & Fire Alarm Association for the past 11 years.

She has also donated thousands of hours to the security industry as a volunteer for special events and fundraisers, and has contributed her many skills for organizations outside of the burglar industry, volunteering her time to Associated Security Services and Investigators of Texas and Texas Locksmith Association. She has been a successful fundraiser for many charitable organizations including the Fallen Officers Fund, various animal shelters, and community members in need.  During her 38 years in security, she has worked with wholesale and retail operations, as a small business owner, employee and has served as a reserved Harris County Constable Deputy.

Please join us in welcoming Debi to the Acadian Team!!!

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