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Our medical monitoring centers were created to dedicate its services exclusively to health and medical monitoring 24/7. Our caring, compassionate dispatchers are on call to assist you so that you can maintain your dependence and peace of mind.

  • Get immediate professional emergency assistance
  • Gain confidence and security
  • Reduce the anxiety of living alone
  • Enhance quality of life
  • Maintain your independence
  • Give your loved one’s peace of mind
  • Connect with our dispatchers, who can then contact your family members and/or send the appropriate emergency help

Certified Dispatcher Training

The mission of the EMS professionals who work in our monitoring centers is to quickly assess your situation and calmly deliver pre-arrival instructions as needed, following any custom instructions you may specify. 

Our fully staffed, highly accredited monitoring centers are CSAA-certified and operate under our qualified medical director and nurse manager.

All of our dispatchers maintain an Emergency Medical Dispatcher certification, granted by the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch. This means that our dispatchers specialize in using advanced protocols to give vital post-dispatch assistance to the subscriber or a bystander.

The mission of our compassionate professionals is to quickly and accurately assess your situation, calmly deliver vital pre-arrival instructions, and provide a since of comfort in your moments of need.

This training standard ensures that we provide the best customer service.

  • Quickly and professionally evaluating medical situations using advanced protocols
  • Giving vital pre-arrival help to the subscriber or a bystander
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