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Monitoring Center

Acadian’s Chicago UL listed Central Station is actually located in the suburb of Elk Grove Village, IL. Acadian entered into the Chicago marketplace in 2009, when it acquired Infinity Monitoring Services which had been owned and operated by Timothy & Kathleen Newman since 2002. Located just miles from the Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, this central station location was ideal for a hot redundant backup for our Louisiana central stations.

In the 2009 acquisition, Acadian maintained the experienced staff and strong dealer base to grow its existing AES Network into one of the largest mesh networks in the country with 4,500 + active accounts and 21 active IP Links. Acadian monitors a solid mix of both commercial and residential accounts out of this location with over 200 dealers.

As one key component of Acadian’s redundancy plan, Acadian has invested heavily into its infrastructure at this location. As part of this plan, Acadian has mirrored all receivers and servers at its Chicago Central Station with the Lafayette Central Station. Data is passed on redundant fiber optic networks within seconds, giving Acadian the opportunity to share traffic loads during peak times and natural disasters.


National Headquarters & Monitoring Center

Acadian’s Lafayette UL listed Central Station is the heart beat for all 3 central stations. This central station is located right next to the primary dispatch center for Acadian Ambulance Service. The Lafayette Central Station was started in 1995 as a medical monitoring center. Over time and request from local alarm companies, it quickly became a central station for all types of alarm monitoring.

The most crucial piece of Acadian’s redundancy plan is creating full redundancy between the Chicago Central Station and Lafayette Central Station. Since the primary infrastructure would be located in Lafayette, LA, all servers and receivers had to be duplicated in Chicago, IL. Since completion of this project Acadian Monitoring Services was able to create a tertiary back up of most of its services within the Acadian Ambulance Service infrastructure in Lafayette, LA and their redundant location in Austin, TX.

The Lafayette Central Station has established several advanced services to enhance the portfolios of its alarm dealers. In 2008, a separate video center was established to dedicate specific employees to providing video monitoring services. While this took a few years to gain traction, the video center has quickly turned into one of the premier video centers in the United States. More than ever we see police departments demanding verification of alarms prior to a police dispatch. Thankfully with video monitoring services such as guard tours, escort services, asset monitoring, video patrols Acadian is able to provide a number of solutions to its dealer partners.



Monitoring Center

Acadian’s UL listed Baton Rouge Central Station shares a building with its parent company, Acadian Ambulance Service in the heart of Baton Rouge, LA. Through the acquisition of Command Central in 2007, Acadian firmly put itself in the Baton Rouge marketplace giving Acadian the ability to move its staff between these locations in the event of a natural disaster.

With a tenured staff and strong leadership, Acadian has been able to maintain its strong foothold in the Baton Rouge marketplace. The Baton Rouge Central Station does not have the same level of infrastructure as the other two central stations, but it remains a critical piece of Acadian’s redundancy plan as it was created with plenty of work space and sleeping quarters to accommodate employees from other central stations during time of disaster.