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Acadian offers a variety of reports that can help keep you up to date on your subscribers and their alarm activity.  These reports can be sent to you via a fax or email. Below is a list of reports we have available with a brief description of each. The reports can also be accessed on the internet with the E-link system.

Alarm Activity Report
Contains detailed notes of all signal activity from all of your subscribers in a given time period. This report can contain all signals or can be limited to alarms only.

Failed to Test Report
A listing of all subscribers that have not tested within a designated time period. This report gives an accurate count of late to test days.

Incident Report
This is a summarized report of an individual alarm that will be sent to you the next business day upon the completion of the shift report items from the day before.

Trouble Report
This report would be sent to you to notify you of any technical or non-emergency issue with one of your subscribers.

Subscriber Reconciliation Report
This report is an accurate subscriber account listing of desired information during each monthly billing cycle.

Add/Delete Report
This report provides a dealer a listing of subscribers added or removed from the database for any given time period.

Open/Close Report
This report gives your customers the option of weekly or monthly open/close reports sent via fax, email or mail. It shows the time of the open and close, the user, and late to open and late to close with report of incident.

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