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CSSA Five Diamond

The CSAA Five Diamond Program is a balanced certification program providing a differentiation in the central station monitoring marketplace because it signifies five points of excellence:

  • Commitment to random inspections and quality criteria standards by a nationally recognized testing laboratory such as FM Global, Intertek/ETL and UL.
  • Commitment to the highest levels of customer service.
  • Commitment to ongoing job-related education and testing by having 100% of its central station operators certified using the CSAA online training series.
  • Commitment to raising the industry standards through CSAA membership and participation in its activities.
  • Commitment to reducing false dispatches CRZM  Monitoring Stations

National Industrial Security Certification (CRZM)

This category covers national industrial security monitoring stations, which are facilities that have personnel on duty specifically trained to handle signals received from systems covered under National Industrial Security Systems (CRZH). This listing, added in 2007, is the new “gold standard” of UL listings, and fewer than 15 dedicated monitoring centers have earned it.

The listing of a company in this category indicates that the company has demonstrated either the capability of satisfying the requirements for building, equipment, staffing, signal processing, signal retransmission, and record keeping as required in UL 2050, "National Industrial Security Systems," or the staffing, signal processing, signal retransmission, and record keeping as required in UL 2050 and the building and equipment as required in ANSI/UL 827, "Central-Station Alarm Services."

UUFX Signal and Fire Alarm Equipment and Service Control

This category covers central-station service as covered by ANSI/NFPA 72, "National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code."

Central-station service is the use of a system or a group of systems in which the operation of circuits and devices at a protected property are signaled to, recorded in, and supervised from a central station included in this category having competent and experienced operators who, upon receipt of a signal, take such action as required by the National Fire Alarm Code.

Related activities at the protected property such as equipment installation, inspection, testing, maintenance, and runner service are the responsibility of a company known as a prime contractor which is either the central station or a fire alarm service - local company included in this category. Central-station service is controlled and operated by a person, firm, or corporation whose business is the furnishing of such contracted services or whose properties are the protected premises.

The companies in the certifications include:

  • Full-service Company: A central station that provides all elements of service required by the Standards either directly or through the sub-contracting of certain elements. A full-service company is considered to be a prime contractor and has been qualified to issue UL Certificates for alarm systems.
  • Monitoring Company: A central station that is recognized only for signal monitoring, retransmission, record keeping, and report. A monitoring company is not eligible to issue UL Certificates for alarm systems as this type of company does not bear responsibility for activities at the protected area involving equipment installation, inspection, testing, maintenance and runner service.
  • Fire Alarm Service - Local Company: A company that provides installation, testing and maintenance for a protected area with its own personnel, and which subcontracts the monitoring, retransmission, and associated record keeping and reporting to a central station. Required runner service is handled either by the local service company or the central-station full-service company. A fire alarm service - local company is considered to be a prime contractor and has been qualified to issue UL Certificates for alarm systems.
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