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Remote Video Monitoring

In 2008 Acadian began providing video monitoring services throughout the United States. Since that time and with the help of a number of talented individuals Acadian has taken this division from five dedicated employees to a division with more than thirty dedicated, hardworking employees. With its strong relationships with its dealer partners and the help of a growing industry, Acadian has grown its existing business to the point that it now monitors over 7000 devices.


Acadian's video monitoring division’s work led to the apprehension of over 60 criminals in 2017?

What’s more impressive is that Acadian was able to prevent over 100 additional criminal activities with its successful use of voice down technology and its mix of pre-recorded and live voice downs.


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Acadian offers video hosting through its partner CheckVideo. In fact, Acadian is one of the largest third party monitoring centers currently working with CheckVideo and Acadian monitors hundreds of clients through its dealer partners currently using this technology.

In addition to video hosting, CheckVideo offers video analytics which can be monitored on sites needing remote video monitoring by Acadian. These analytics can be used to detect unauthorized persons, count people entering into a business and people loitering in an area where such activity is unwanted. Learn More

Sureview Certified

To support this growing division Acadian utilizes the SureView Systems Immix Central Station Platform and has done so since it started in 2008. This platform gives Acadian the ability to monitor many different video products, including NVRs, cameras, encoders, VMS’ and audio devices. Its open architecture setup even allows Acadian to create custom integrations for new products. It’s Acadian’s dedication to SureView and unique way of using it that made it a SureView’s second Certified Partner.


Certified Video Analyst's

As you would expect from a company affiliated with the world’s largest privately owned ambulance company, Acadian goes above and beyond to train its video analysts. This includes requiring them to take online classes created by The Monitoring Association, SureView and The Telephone Doctor. This is just a small piece though as Acadian requires weeks of hands on training with a supervisor and at least two weeks as a Tier 1 Video Analyst (i.e. scrubbing video analyst) prior to letting a trainee become a fully operational Video Analyst.

Acadian offers both "reactive" and "proactive" video monitoring solutions.


Reactive video monitoring solutions are solutions that are focused on improving a reaction from a third party. These solutions might not prevent a crime from taking place but they will make sure that the reaction to the event is appropriate.

Great examples of these solutions are video verification based solutions where operators get a video of what is taking place based on a traditional alarm event which allows the operator to provide greater information regarding what is happening to the police department. As a result they can take that information and make sure to use the proper amount of force (i.e extra officers, canine units, helicopters).

Proactive video monitoring solutions are solutions that are focused on preventing criminal acts from taking place prior to a third party getting involved.

Outdoor video monitoring solutions with video analytics and voice down technology can be a very successful way to get an unwanted guest off of a site prior to a criminal act taking place. If done correctly this solution can effectively protect sites with outdoor inventory in addition to any other type of site needing protection.

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