Gate Management

Gate management is one of the fastest growing services in Acadian’s guard augmentation/replacement services portfolio. While security guards can be an effective way to protect a site they aren’t without their limitations and can be pretty expensive. Through Acadian’s gate management services Acadian can replace or assist physical security guards at a site.

The most common gate management service provided is Acadian’s guard augmentation service which is when Acadian manages a gate in lieu of the security guards during specific times of the day but not for the whole day. This typically occurs in that Acadian will manage a gate during the evening hours when gate traffic is slower than usual or when a guard goes to the restroom or does a patrol of the site. By utilizing this services properties can reduce the number of guards needed for a property and even replace them during those times when they are not needed.


For gate management solutions Acadian recommends that its dealer partners utilize a tele-entry system. Acadian will provide a dedicated phone number to the dealer which when programmed into the tele-entry system will ring to an Acadian operator along with the name of the property. That way the Acadian operator will answer the phone in the name of the site and will then immediately pull up cameras at the property to follow the sites protocols for allowing entry to the property.

Does Acadian require a software to maintain the guest or resident list for this service?

Acadian does not require its dealer partners to use a software for maintaining the appropriate list for the site, however, it does recommend it. While Acadian can provide this service with a document as basic as an Excel spreadsheet, Acadian has seen improved results when these items are managed by someone from the property management company utilizing a dedicated visitor management software.