Video Verification

Remote alarm confirmation prior to dispatch.
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Verified Police Response

Video verification is a tremendous tool that allows the Acadian operator to ensure law enforcement is given all the information possible to make sure the proper resources (i.e. multiple units, canine units and helicopter) are dispatched to a location while also eliminating false alarms and false alarm fees. Video verification may not prevent a crime like vandalism or theft of outdoor property from taking place but it will get the law enforcement officers to the seen faster to reduce the amount of damage that can be done and to increase the chances of apprehension of the criminals. In fact, a video verification alarm will typically receive a priority 1 response as a crime is in progress which is faster than the priority 3 response a traditional, unverified alarm signal would receive.  While the difference between priority 1 and 3 varies by jurisdiction, a priority 1 response typically results in the law enforcement officers getting to a site minutes faster than they would have with a priority 3 response.

What’s the most popular type of video verification site that Acadian monitors?

The most popular type of video verification site that Acadian monitors is 24/7 fast food restaurants. At these sites Acadian looks for panic button driven signals that will prompt the video analyst to look in on the video cameras to determine if a hold up situation is taking place.

The Basics of Video Verification

To simplify video verification for its dealer partners Acadian has integrated its alarm automation platform with is video automation platform. What this does is allow for its dealer to setup a traditional alarm account as it normally would and then integrate in the specific video cameras that are looking over the area associated with each alarm zone. When Zone 1 (Front Door) goes off Acadian will start a 10-second post alarm recording of the camera looking over the front door. Consequently, when the Acadian operator handles the event they will have a post alarm recording to look at as well as live feed of that camera. If nothing is seen on that camera the Acadian operator will review all other camera live feeds made available to them.

Detect BEFORE the intrusion!

Acadian Monitoring Services has monitored Videofied systems, with its multiple Frontel server set up, for over ten years. Acadian currently monitors over one hundred sites using Videofied across the country. As one of the first United States based monitoring centers to monitor Videofied systems we have extensive knowledge of what applications work best for this technology.

At this time Acadian video analysts monitor all Videofied alarms in Acadian's SureView Immix Cloud Platform. By doing this Acadian has the ability to monitor additional video devices in conjunction with a Videofied system if necessary. This functionality allows Acadian to provide a higher level of video verification for those applications where power is readily available at the site. For remote sites, where power is not readily available, Acadian has an extensive training process and tough protocols to prepare its video analysts so they are prepared to handle the type of events that will be received.

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